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  Atreju's story (2007)
Ich wußte.... auf dieser Homepage fehlt noch etwas!
Und so fing damals, Anfang 2007, (fast) alles an....
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I known... something was missing on this homepage
and everything started with in the beginning of 2007...
More with a click on the certificates pic
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A short translation of the certificate just to let you know what's the story about:
Atreju was conficsated and rescued out of desastrous keeping in Brandenburg together with 230 other dogs, which were shared on many sanctuarys all over Germany. As feed and housings have always in short supply on the area, the dogs burrowed holes into the ground. Atreju has never had closer contact to humans, but is curious and friendly. The Samojed was born in 2002 and is well behaved with other dogs. He has to learn everything and would be a nice second dog. Atreju is looking for a sportive, quiet family who can give him the time to develop.
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